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Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

Md. Musharraf Hossain

Principal Kushtia Polytechnic Institute

Kushtia is the land of culture, which cultivated by the great poet literalists Rabindranath Thakur, Mir Mosharrof Hossain, Kangal Harinath, Bagha Jatin etc. and is familiar by the name of ‘Civilized City’. Kushtia Polytechnic Institute is one of the prominent member of this ‘Civilized City’. It was established in 1964 with a few number of student in two technologies. The Institute is located in its own campus near kataikhana more, Mir Mosarrof Hossain road, situated at the heart of Kushtia City. The historic river Gorai flows on the north side of the city. Kushtia Polytechnic Institute offers Diploms in Engineering Courses in various technologies. Traditional departments like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Power flourished here during its early days, later the emergent technologies like Computer and Electronics are flourishing fast. Earlier all diploma programs were three years long but from 2000 all the program are standardized as four years. Graduated from this prestigious institute thousands of diploms engineers are working both home and abroad.

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