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Well come to Civil Technology. The Department of Civil Engineering of Kushtia Polytechnic Institute (KPI) is the Oldest department of its kind in Bangladesh. It is Established in 1963. Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines in the world and its operation can be traced back to the time when men decided to put roof over his head for shelter. Civil engineering is study, design, development and maintenance of the natural and built environment. It is one of the evergreen branch of engineering that is not much affected by recession or other factors. When considered in developing countries like India it has a very large scope in future. Civil engineering branch of engineering deals with many topics from planning, estimation to pollution or traffic engineering.

The best students from all over Bangladesh join this prestigious department. The highly competitive environment, world-class facilities and the hard-working faculties nourish every student to be a prime of the field. Currently there are about 700 students studying in Diploma Program.

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